AIRBRIDGE Paradise Moves Carve-Up Records, ex+/ex- Details 20,00 €
CHARIOT All Alone Again 12" Shades, m-/ex Details 20,00 €
DEF LEPPARD Rock of Ages 7" Vertigo, c/w Action! Not Words,... Details 35,00 €
DESOLATION ANGELS Fury PLP Dust Records, lyric sheet, m-, 4 demo... Details 30,00 €
DIAMOND HEAD Makin`Music 12" MCA Records, extended version, c/w... Details 9,00 €
FAIR WARNING Rocking at the Speed of Lights 12" Areba, incl. Breaking The Law... Details 35,00 €
FIST Back with a Vengeance Neat, UK pressing, ultra rare green/... Details 250,00 €
GYPSY We came to be free 7" Fairview, c/w Get it right,... Details 25,00 €
HEAVY PETTIN Love Times Love Shape Polydor, c/w Shout it out, ex+ Details 15,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Fear of the Dark live Shape EMI, rare missprint, c/w Tailgunner... Details 75,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Killers CBS, Israel, promo sticker in... Details 50,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Killers EMI, rare Greek 1st pressing, 14C 062... Details 27,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Killers EMI, Swedish pressing, 7C 062-07 450,... Details 50,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Killers Toshiba EMI, Japan, OBI, 4 page... Details 40,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Live + One LP EMI, Greek only 9 track, Greek... Details 95,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Live after Death DLP Capitol, Canadian pressing, lyric... Details 40,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Live after Death DLP EMI, New Zealand, EMC 267, gatefold... Details 50,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Live after Death DLP EMI, Peru, EE.02.0001, gatefold... Details 35,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Live after Death DLP EMI, Spain, gatefold cover, 8 page... Details 40,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Maiden Japan MLP EMI, Italian pressing, 3C 050 07534,... Details 20,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Maiden Japan MLP Harvest, Canadian pressing,... Details 20,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Maiden Japan - Special Live EP 12" EMI, German pressing, 1C K 062-07 534... Details 12,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Powerslave EMI, Brazilian pressing, miss print... Details 35,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Running free 12" (live) EMI, UK, b/w Sanctuary+Murders in the... Details 15,00 €
IRON MAIDEN s/t EMI, Italian pressing, 54 1072691,... Details 35,00 €
IRON MAIDEN s/t EMI, The First Centenary, 180g vinyl,... Details 100,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Somewhere in Time Jugoton, Yugoslavian pressing, LSEMI... Details 30,00 €
IRON MAIDEN The Number of the Beast EMI, rare Greek pressing, 14C 062... Details 35,00 €
IRON MAIDEN Twilight Zone 7" EMI, French, c/w Wrathchild, slightly... Details 120,00 €
QUARTZ Nantucket Sleighride 7" Reddingtons Rare Records, non LP, c/w... Details 13,00 €
RAGE Bootliggers P7" Carrere, c/w Roll the Dice, vg+,... Details 6,00 €
RAVEN The Devils Carrion DLP Raw Power, gatefold cover, m-/m-/ex-,... Details 18,00 €
RENEGADE Lonely Road 12" White Witch Records, lyric sheet,... Details 170,00 €
ROCK GODDESS I didn`t know I loved you shape A&M, b/w Hell Hath No Fury, both non... Details 25,00 €
SAMSON Red Skies 12" Polydor, UK, c/w Living loving lying,... Details 9,00 €
SAXON Power & the Glory PLP Carrere, UK pressing, vg++ Details 25,00 €
SAXON Ride like the Wind Shape EMI, ex Details 18,00 €
SAXON The Eagle has Landed PLP Carrere, UK, ex+, quite rare Details 20,00 €
SAXON Waiting for the Night 12" EMI, US promo copy, extended vers,... Details 20,00 €
SAXON We will remember Shape EMI, backing card, m- Details 20,00 €
SEVENTH SON Man in the Street 7" Rising Sun Records, 1stpressing,... Details 100,00 €
SPIDER All the Time 7" City Records/ Cherry Red, French... Details 18,00 €
STERLING COOK FOR... Full Force Ebony, ex/vg++, Zyx sticker on cover Details 16,00 €
TANK (He Fell In Love With A) Stormtrooper P7" Kamaflage, Picture 7", c/w Blood Guts... Details 15,00 €
TANK Crazy Horses 7" Kamaflage, different to album... Details 20,00 €
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Rendezvous 7" MCA, c/w Life of Crime, poster cover,... Details 15,00 €
V/A IT`S UNHEARD OF! LP Sane Records, m-/ex, rare,... Details 180,00 €
V/A METAL FOR MUT... LP EMI, UK pressing, exclusive tracks +... Details 20,00 €
V/A METAL MANIAXE LP Ebony, m-/ex , Tröjan, Omun, Menace,... Details 18,00 €
V/A PRECIOUS METAL LP MCA, m-/ex, obscure compilation from... Details 10,00 €
V/A SOUTHERN COMF... LP Spectrum Records, Deuce, Quest,... Details 200,00 €
V/A THE QUEST TAPES LP Quest Records, ex/vg+, High Treason,... Details 150,00 €
VENOM At War with Satan PLP Neat, original UK pressing, ex, rare Details 60,00 €
VENOM At War with Satan PLP Neat, original UK pressing, vg++, rare Details 55,00 €
VENOM Eine kleine Nachtmusik DLP Neat, Spanish pressing with misspelt... Details 35,00 €
VENOM From Hell to the Unknown DLP Raw Power, gatefold cover, one white,... Details 190,00 €
VENOM Manitou Shape Neat, c/w Woman, rare missprint with... Details Offer
VENOM Nightmare P12" Neat, demon on woman, withdrawn, c/w... Details 80,00 €
VENOM Welcome to Hell Trash, Japanese pressing, insert, no... Details 90,00 €
VENOM / BLITZKRIEG 5" Split Flexi Enfer Mag, Bursting Out / Pull The... Details 33,00 €