SIGH - Scorn Defeat DLP CLEAR

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The Crypt, double transparent clear vinyl, ltd 150, The Crypt is honored to OFFICIALLY reissue SIGH's debut masterpiece "Scorn Defeat" on vinyl. This double LP comes housed in a 350 gram, semi-gloss gatefold jacket featuring the original band-preferred DSP cover showcasing Shinichi with Katana. To retain the classic feel of the original 1993 release, the LP jacket is designed in the spirit of the original CD layout with attention to detail - even down to the original typeface! As a bonus, we are including a second LP with completely unreleased classic SIGH tracks, including the original 3 SCORN DEFEAT mix tracks. Those three tracks (The Knell, At My Funeral, and Taste Defeat) had only one guitar at first. Euronymous like them as they were, but the band decided to add the second guitar later. To be precise, the final version of "The Knell" still has only one guitar but the doubling effect was added for the original version. These original three tracks have never ever heard anywhere before. Also included is a live soundboard recording from August 26th, 1991 at Harajuku Los Angeles Club, Tokyo.

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